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FluencyBank is a shared database for the study of the development of fluency in both typical and disordered populations. Participants include typically-developing monolingual and bilingual children, children and adults who stutter (C/AWS) or who clutter (C/AWC), and second language learners. Researchers and clinicians studying fluency who are interested in joining the consortium should read the Ground Rules and then request a username and password by sending email to with contact information and affiliation.
If you stutter or clutter and would like to help our research by voluntarily contributing an anonymous speech sample, please consult these contribution guidelines.


CLAN - Tutorial Screencasts

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FluencyBank is supported by NIDCD grant 1R01DC015494 and NSF-SBE Grant SMA-1539010. PIs are Nan Bernstein Ratner (University of Maryland) and Brian MacWhinney (Carnegie Mellon University) .

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