Are you thinking of donating a corpus of speech/language data to FluencyBank?

We typically accept only transcribed files. If you only have raw audio or video, we would need to discuss the best ways to get your data into the linked CHAT transcript format that FluencyBank uses. However, we can convert virtually any other format to CHAT, including SALT. If your data contain personal identifiers, we can work with you to remove them.

We can host your data as fully open access or behind a password, depending upon the level of consent that you obtained from participants, the type of media (we can extract audio from video), and how identifiable the transcripts would be.

Corpora can be longitudinal or cross-sectional, mixed, or illustrative.

Each contributed corpus should have a documentation file. This “readme” file (preferably in plain text) should contain a basic set of facts that are indispensable for the proper interpretation of the data by other researchers or users. The minimum set of facts that should be in each readme file are the following: When these data are complete, please contact Brian MacWhinney ( and Nan Bernstein Ratner ( for instructions on how to transfer data through the WeTransfer system as described at THANK YOU for supporting FluencyBank.