FluencyBank German Ulm Corpus

Andrea Haege
Department of Phoniatrics and Pedaudiology
University of Ulm


Participants: 94 (+ 46)
Type of Study: clinical
Location: Ulm
Media type: no longer available
DOI: doi:10.21415/T5GP4T

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Project Description

These transcript data were contributed by Helge S. Johannsen, Hartmut Schulze, Dieter Rommel, and Andrea Haege from the phoniatric outpatients department of the University of Ulm in Germany. The data are a set of protocols taken from preschool and primary school children in the context of an experimental playing situation in which the children play half an hour with their mothers in the phoniatric clinic laboratory. The playing material is a farm building kit, a zoo kit, or a knight’s castle. The transcribed language is not standard German but a Swabian dialect spoken in the region around Ulm. All assessed children came to the phoniatric clinic because of more or less severe stuttering and took part in a longitudinal study of the relations between different variables and the development of stuttering in childhood using CLAN. Transcripts of playing situations were taken in 6-months-intervals provided that the children’s stuttering persisted. For example david1.cha is the transcript from the first contact, david2.cha is taken 6 months later, and so on. If the children recovered from their stuttering, they were withdrawn from further follow-ups. There are140 transcripts in the corpus, in which 94 protocols come from the first contact with the stuttering children and 46 from the fourth contact 18 months later. In order to protect privacy, all names were replaced with pseudonyms. Please inform the authors when using these data. In case of interest more details about the data and their context can be requested.