FluencyBank English IISRP-new Corpus

Nicoline Ambrose
Hearing and Speech Sciences
University of Illinois


Ehud Yairi
Hearing and Speech Sciences
University of Illinois


Participants: 88 CWS, 40 controls
Type of Study: clinical
Location: USA
Media type: audio
DOI: doi:10.21415/GRP3-BR15

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This is a reworked and reformatted version of the recordings from the first IISRP session. This version was created by Nan Bernstein Ratner and colleagues at the University of Maryland. It now includes the parent's speech and fuller fluency coding in accord with FluencyBank CHAT standards. The materials from later sessions will be added in the future using the same type of reformatting and additional annotation.

For information about the full IISRP project, please consult the web page for that version of the corpus which will remain available until the new version is complete.

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